About us

We are a full personal care and cosmetic distributor.

Since 1984, QH Distribution Inc. has been working in partnership with vendors to get our customers the products they want at the prices they need.

QH has a unique network of resellers that can represent your product in new markets without any inconvenience.

QH Distribution has been providing competitive, full-distribution services to vendors and customers since 1984. QH Distribution handles a wide range of consumer and professional products.


Located in California, QH Distribution is positioned in the heart of a unique domestic market, with insight and service into the ethnically diverse Southern California community.


Experience and connections to help you get your product to the right people. With a focus on personal service and client security, we work closely with vendors to find the right product for the right market. You won't speak to a different person everytime you call.

- Professional Hair and Nail

- Beauty
- Personal Care
- Vitamins and Supplements
- Cosmetics
- Infant and Child Care
- Grocery